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HK Project Systems Pvt. Ltd. operating the website of www.vahanchoritakrar.com and decided to launch www.stolenvehicle.in pan India. We are launching Mobile Application as STOLEN VEHICLE to file Online Complaint from the Mobile to avoid the delay in filing the complaint to through Mobile Application and subsequently visit the required police Station to sign the FIR for the complaint. When any Stolen Vehicle information is not reaching to the Police Department of different locations, It is very difficult for the Police Department to track and trace the Stolen Vehicle.

We observed that in rare case the vehicle is traced and recovered by the Police or Found abandoned at different location within a 3 to 4 days.

We have introduced several features in the Mobile Application dedicatedly for the Police Department to upload the information of the Found Vehicle through Mobile Application. Any Police Person on duty in his area try to check the suspicious vehicle and try to search for the information of Stolen Vehicle. The complaint will receive the system generated message for the vehicle checked by the Police or Public with Google Location of a person trying to check the Stolen Vehicle. This will not only help the Public but also to the Police Department to reach to the complainant.

The main purpose of this website is to help the Public to check status of the Stolen Vehicle before purchasing any Second Hand or used vehicle. If the Stolen Vehicles traced easily then it will be very difficult for the thief to sale the Stolen Vehicles to third party.

We observed that all the states are trying to trace the Stolen Vehicles in the respective States but most of the time the Vehicles are transported to other states for selling the Stolen Vehicles and the same vehicle is used by fixing the duplicate No Plate.

HK Project Systems Pvt. Ltd is the first company in India to create facility to the common man to file On Line complaint for the Stolen Vehicle by Login to www.vahanchoritakrar.com

The complainant when reaches to the Police Station never use to take the complaint of the Stolen Vehicles in first instance and always use to tell them to wait for 2 days and search with the Friends and Neighbors and report the case to the Police Station. The jurisdiction to file a complaint was a major concern. The complainant use to get the answer that the Vehicle Stolen does not fall in our jurisdiction and they have to go to other Police Station to file a complaint.

The DGP Mr.Pravin Dixit was interested in Digitalization Maharashtra Police Department and wanted to introduce new systems which will help Public and Police Department for Transparent and effective systems.

Hemant Karnik MD of company has approached to DGP Mr.Pravin Dixit and requested to launch a website for the Stolen Vehicle and Found Vehicles lying in junk conditions to clean the Police Staions by returning all the vehicles to the owners of the Vehicles. The system was shown to Jt. CP. Mr. Laxmi Narayan, Thane Commissioner Office. The concept was first approved by Mr.LaxmiNarayan JT. CP. Thane Commissioner Office.

DGP Office has arrange training to all Senior Police Officers from CP/SP Offices in Maharashtra State and these Police Officers had given training to Police Officers and Police Men in their respective SP/CP areas, how to use the website and what are the advantages.

The remarkable performanceby all the SP/CP Offices in Maharashtra Police have created 959 Police Stations to use the website. All the 959 Police Stations have been instructed to enter the data of Stolen Vehicles from 01.01.2015 and subsequently Found Vehicles data from 01.01.2015 has been entered and the different Police Stations have started locating the Stolen Vehicles reported in their Police Station with Found Vehicles in other Police Stations. We have reported 11967 Stolen Vehicles and 4100 Found Vehicles which is 40% of the Stolen Vehicles as on 18.12.2016.

The website www.vahanchoritakrar.com launched by the DGP Office on 27.05.2016 and the same has been inaugurated by CM Mr.DevendraFadanvis on 15th June, 2016 at Pune.

We are grateful to DGP Mr.SatishMathur and ADG Mr.Rajendra Singh for continuous support and guidance to upgrade the website and in September, 2016 we have launched Mobile Application only for the Police Department to search the Stolen Vehicles and Found Vehicles with the help of Mobile Application on the road or in case of Naka Bundi.

The Vehicle Stolen used for the following illegal purposes.
  1. Terrorist Activities.
  2. Illegal activities for Transportation of liquor etc.
  3. Selling the vehicle in other States.
  4. For Committing different type of offences.

The complaint lodged by the owner of the vehicle for Stolen Vehicle in Pune have no clue and where about of the vehicle and the offence of the stolen Vehicle remain unsolved. If the said vehicle found by another Police Station in Mumbai has to go through the lengthy process of contacting the Manufacturer of the Vehicle Chassis No and Engine No and then to the Dealer and to the respective RTO to find the owner. The whole process takes minimum 4 to 6 months to reach to the owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not traced within the period of 6 months then subsequently the Insurance Company has to make the payment of the claim to the owner of the vehicle which is National Loss.

We are in the process of upgrading the website to facilitate General Public and Insurance Companies to search vehicles and take the possession of the vehicles in the cases where Insurance Company settle the claims and the owner of the Vehicle is not interested to take the possession of the Vehicle.

The ultimate aim is to clean Police Stations from becoming Junk Yards.

Hemant Karnik


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